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Kane Henneke has 37 years of boxing and martial arts experience. He has competed in fighting arts in the USA and Mexico, including kickboxing, Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Boxing. His love for the fighting arts and the movement and balance complexities of martial arts has found him a home and a way to help those with movement disorders.

When approached by an individual with Parkinson's, he was inspired to learn more about the disease and how martial arts training can help fight it. Kane learned about the Rock Steady Boxing program in Indianapolis and immediately signed up for the training.

He says it's been amazing to see each individual learn and grow from the Rock Steady Boxing Sarasota classes. This journey has been life-changing for Kane and the other trainers here at Title Boxing. What better way to use our talents in boxing and martial arts than to help others fight back against the toughest opponent of all, Parkinsons' Disease?

We now have multiple trainers at Title Boxing Club, Sarasota, with a large format facility focused on fitness for all ages and abilities. Several local Sarasota Parkinson's Physicians, like Dr. Sutherland, have recommended us here at Title Boxing Club. We look forward to meeting you in person; please stop by to see how we can help you with classes, personal training, boxing equipment, and merchandise.

Kane Henneke;
Credentials; MAct, MBA, BBA, BMkt, ChemE, 3rd Degree Black Belt TKD, 36 Years of Martial Arts (TKD, Kung Fu, Wrestling), Boxing (WBA), Kickboxing (AKA), GFI, Orthopedic Exercise Specialist

Roles & Responsibilities;
- Rock Steady Boxing Affiliate & Owner; Sarasota, FL
- Rock Steady Boxing Corporate Committee Chairperson, Indianapolis, IN
- Rock Steady Boxing Corporate Coach Con Committee Member, Coach Con 2021/2022
- Title Boxing Club - Sarasota Coach & Trainer for Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA and Parkinson's Classes
- Parkinson’s Research Foundation - Sarasota, Head Coach
- Neuro Challenge Foundation – Sarasota Parkinson's Physical Education Advisor
- Vice President of Sales and Marketing, North America, for chemical carbon black pigments at Himadri Specialty Chemicals

Cell; 941-302-3301
Email; Henneke1@hotmail.com

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