About Rock Steady Boxing Sarasota

Kane Henneke has 34 years of boxing and martial arts experience. He has competed in multiple fighting arts including boxing, kickboxing, Taekwondo, KungFu to name a few.

When approached by an individual with Parkinson's Disease he was inspired to learn more about the disease and how boxing training can help fight it. Kane found out about the Rock Steady Boxing program in Indianapolis and signed up for the training immediately.

He says it's been amazing to see each individual learn and grow from the Rock Steady Boxing Sarasota classes. This journey has been a life changing event for Kane and the other trainers here at Title Boxing. What better way to using our talents in boxing and martial arts then to help others fight back against the toughest opponent of all, Parkinsons Disease.

Kane Henneke

- Multiple Martial Arts Disciplines, Black Belt Certified Trainer
- Former UFC, WBO, XFO and NHB Trainer & Cornerman
- Former Illinois State Police Tactical Defense Instructor
- Rock Steady Boxing Certified (Parkinson's Disease Therapy)
- Title Boxing Club, Head Trainer & Parkinsons Class Head Coach
- Parkinson's Place Research Foundation, Parkinson's Big & Loud Instructor

Rock Steady Boxing, Sarasota LLC
Cell; 281-854-8997
Henneke1@hotmail.com or sarasota@rsbaffiliate.com